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You Have No Idea of Cost of Paper

According to Buyer’s Laboratory, 90 percent of companies do not track their print costs. While it is relatively simple to determine how much in ink it costs you to print a page, that calculation has little to do with the actual cost of printing. Many businesses report that printing is their 3rd-largest expense – behind only rent and payroll. For this reason, as a business owner or executive, it is essential to do everything you can to reduce these costs whenever possible.

Of course, the most effective way to identify and eliminate these hidden costs is to conduct a thorough analysis of your printing practices and vendor lease agreements. The following are some of the areas in which we may be able to save your organization money.

Copier Leases

Many businesses lease copiers rather than purchasing them outright. There are various benefits to leasing, including lower up-front costs, tax advantages, fixed repair costs, and regular equipment upgrades. In some cases, copier leases contain terms that result in unnecessary expenses. We will review your existing lease agreements and determine whether there more cost-effective ways to meet your printing needs.


Printing requires supplies. Between developer, paper, toner, staples, and other printer-related supplies and accessories, printing involves significant ongoing expenses. It is important to keep track of the quantity of supplies you order each cycle as well as staying on the lookout for cheaper vendors. In addition, you should keep in mind that many businesses have excess inventory lying around, which often can lead to personal use by employees.


Printers invariably require maintenance, no matter where they are in their life-cycle. Companies with multiple vendor contracts may have multiple maintenance providers. In many cases, consolidating vendors can result in significant savings on printer maintenance.


It is critical for companies to keep track of their printing equipment inventory. This is true whether a business has purchased or leased its printers, as excess inventory can result in unnecessary costs. Ensuring that your printing inventory is lean and that you are working with the right vendor can reduce printing expenses significantly.

Employee Burden

Finally, companies need to account for the employee burden associated with their printing practices. Is your outdated equipment resulting in more service calls than necessary? Are your employees spending too much time ordering supplies when there is a vendor who could accomplish the same task more efficiently? Awareness of these issues is critical in determining your actual printing costs and taking steps to reduce them.



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