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5 Tips to Keep Your Paper Data Secure

Since 2002 or so, copiers (aka multi-functional devices, MFPs, MFDs) have been equipped with hard drives. That means that every document printed or copied on these devices is copied to the hard drive and remains there unless erased.

This video tells a shocking story: Digital Copiers Loaded With Secrets

Given that most copiers are on Fair Market Value (FMV) leases, this presents a critical issue: the lessor owns the copier, but who owns the sensitive company data stored on its hard drive?

Worse yet, the data is in the form of documents, structured for anyone to simply print and read!

If you think that someone is erasing the data before these copiers are resold on the secondary market, think again. Your sensitive documents hitch a ride and you have no idea where they may turn up.

Document Security Tips:

  1. Make copier document security part of your Information Assurance (IA) plan.

  2. BEFORE returning a leased copier, have the servicing dealer erase the hard drive.

  3. When leasing or buying new copiers, make sure erasable hard drive options are installed.

  4. Establish print control software to create an audit trail of document output to copiers.

  5. Ensure "paper" is part of your strategic and data protection plan.

The biggest message here is: don't wait to take control of you document security. Your information assurance may be at risk. Sign up for a free copier security analysis today.



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