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Whose Agenda Is Driving Your Document Management?

Your business runs on documents, and, as such, your document management system needs to run as smoothly as possible. Often, however, document management systems are based on a hodgepodge of elements that aren’t necessarily either cohesive or constructive. Worse still, some are driven by outside sources that are far more interested in their own bottom lines than yours. Take a moment to consider document management within your company, and you may find that there are significant opportunities to reduce expenses and make your system better correlate with your business’s unique needs.

Outside Document Management Companies

If you outsource components of your document management needs, your system may adhere more closely to what’s good for the document management company – rather than to what’s best for you. Whenever leasing is involved – such as for printing needs and for document storage and removal – the contractual terms can make it difficult to ascertain precisely whose agenda is being served. Opaque contractual language is often excellent for obscuring the particulars of a business exchange, and your leasing company could well be charging you for services you don't need and may even be implementing exorbitant rates for services and supplies that you could easily access for less.

At DocuFrog, we can help you get to the bottom of your leasing arrangement so that you can be sure it is adequately addressing the needs of your business.

Document Management

When it comes to document management, there’s a lot to consider. But one overarching fact is that, if your document management system isn’t effective and efficient, it’s going to cost you – in terms of office morale, wasted resources, and increased expenses. Your document management system, however, is likely so tightly interwoven with your overall business practices that it’s difficult to determine where it can be streamlined.

Who’s Running the Show?

Perhaps you’ve handed document management over to a specific department or employee and haven’t given it much thought since. If things are moving along smoothly, it’s easy to look away. But even if your document management system seems to be working well enough, that doesn’t mean that you are getting the most bang for your buck. In the end, you want your document management system to reflect your agenda and what's best for your business and its bottom line.

Effective document management helps your business to move forward with ease and efficiency. If your document management system isn’t where it needs to be, DocuFrog is here to help. We’ll help you evaluate your business’s needs and tweak or overhaul your document management system to reflect those needs. If we can’t save you money within 45 days of service, we won’t charge you, and you will never pay us more than we’re able to save for you. We’ve helped business owners throughout the United States streamline their document management systems and save millions of dollars in the process, and we can help you. Please call us at 619-887-0101 to schedule a meeting today.



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