3 Reasons Paper Documents are Hurting Your Business

October 17, 2016


Paper is still a significant challenge for most organizations. Paper documents are costly to produce, create huge security risks and lead to wasteful inefficiency. 


Organizations rely on document technology vendors (copiers, printer, etc.) for consulting despite of the inherent conflicts of interest that exist, when “selling” is the main vendor goal.


This "free” guidance is paid back tenfold in excessive profit taking and contracts that handcuff valuable organizational flexibility to adopt paperless innovation or other progressive technology. 


1. Document Devices Cost Too Much


Our data shows that organizations pay 10-50 percent too much for document devices when benchmarked to best practices. Most of this excessive profiting is paid as sales commissions to cover the “free” consulting.


2. Vendor Agendas Prevent Paper Automation


Because the vendor is focused on selling document devices, there is little or no incentive to introduce process improvement and technology to reduce paper or automate paper intensive processes.


3. Paper Contains Unprotected Personal Information 


Paper is the number one source of personal information breaches (61% of all breaches) in companies with under 500 employees. The penalties are stiff for PI breaches, especially if protected health information is involved.


What Can Be Done


Having an expert that is independent of selling agendas review your contracts and paper workflows will identify problems to give you peace of mind. DocuFrog offers a free snapshot to baseline all costs and is paid only if savings are found.










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