Robin Hood of the "Copier Leasing Forest"

August 30, 2016


Although we never "steal" , much like Robin Hood, we "recapture" money taken by unscrupulous copier dealers from organizations that lease one or more copiers. Do you think that your lease is good? Think again. Our research shows that 97% of all leases have excessive costs and waste that erode profits and funds that could be put to good use.


What's in your lease?

How do you find out if your contracts are part of the 3% of “good leases"? We provide free lease analysis to benchmark your costs to what you should be paying and provide peace of mind.


Should I wait until close to the expiration date?

No. We can show you how to reduce cost costs now, regardless of when contracts expire. Additionally, dealer tricks of "early renewal discounts" and auto-renewal "entrapment" will enslave you to wasting money for many years.

Act Now.

Sign up for your free lease analysis and begin saving in less than 90 days.




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$10K Donation Created $300K Problem

October 25, 2016

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